We pay back our community by supporting the homeless in Richmond, Virginia
With your contribution, we are committed to help those forgotten by our society. With your continuous support, we can achieve this and more.
I want to help
Venezuela: A dream destination immersed in misery
We are the bridge between your willingness to help and the ones in need.

Come With Me, let’s be the change!
I want to help

We provide humanitarian aid to our community in Richmond, VA.

We help soup kitchens and shelters for the homeless

We conduct immigration legal assistance events for the Hispanic community

We work together with churches, hospitals, and public organizations

Companies that make this possible

Download your photos of the Ven Conmigo Foundation Gala

Thank you for attending! We took lots and lots of pictures and it’s time to share them with you so you can remember the great night we had forever.

We invite you to donate to continue helping so many people in Venezuela and in Richmond, Virginia.

Donation of 650 tennis balls for soundproofing classrooms for autistic children

This is a donation of 650 tennis balls, which were collected together with the NGO Spectrum World Community, which will be destined to schools for autistic children in Richmond, Virginia, with which we have been able to soundproof the classrooms and prevent the noise that affects them so much.

A minimum wage income in the US, is an unreachable dream in Venezuela

Currently, most Venezuelans are in a dead-end road situation, were many of them, have never experienced living according to a decent standard of life.

Childhood malnutrition keeps alarmingly raising

1.7 million underage children need immediate nutritional assistance

There is an alarming lack of basic services and needs nationwide

11 million people need water supply and sanitation service (35% of total population)

Insufficient medical supplies

3.3 million people need health assistance right now (13.5% of total population)

How can you help?

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you will be able to greatly support the basic needs of the Venezuelan people

Donate once:

Small donations are worth more than what you may think. Your donation will provide a much-needed support for children, families and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’S) in Venezuela.

Become a partner:

You can make a bigger difference, by donating monthly. You’ll be kept informed on how your contribution is serving the Venezuelan community.

Become a volunteer:

Help us spread the love and support, and be part of our charity events. Your support is essential!

Other ways to donate:

You can contribute by donating medicine, medical and school supplies, non-perishable food, clothing, sporting goods/toys... Your support is vital and appreciated by the children and families in need.

Heart touching words that stimulate us to do more

This is an elderly woman from the Portuguesa State in Venezuela. She shows her excitement and appreciation after receiving a food donation that included: rice, cornmeal, sugar, and coffee. These are her words: Thank you, Mrs. Chalita from the Ven Conmigo Foundation, for this donation. I am so excited that I have no words. Thank you very much, God bless you, to continue helping others like me, who are in need. God bless you”.

VEN Conmigo Foundation

This initiative was created by a group of Venezuelan volunteers in the US. It has found its way to grow along with other foundations based in Venezuela. Together, we have been able to reach to:

+ 90.000

Beneficiary families

+ 45

Allied foundations in Venezuela

+ 45.300

Medical supplies and medicines

+ 24

States in Venezuela have received aid

+ 5.000

Homeless people helped in Virginia, USA

About us

Venezuela is suffering an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. The lack of basic services, and a series of dreadful events, represent a critical threat to the health, safety, security, and wellbeing of all citizens. However, we are here to help. Thanks to your donations, we can provide immediate assistance along with a message of love, hope and a promise for a better tomorrow.

What we do

We are a fundraiser foundation. We gather material donations in the US. Likewise, we send medical supplies, educational support material, and non-perishable food to Venezuela. Working along with communities that show support to the cause, as well as other foundations based in Venezuela. Moreover, we give back to the homeless Richmond community by providing warm lunches, and clothing.

Be part of our cause

No amount is too small to give, and there is no small amount of good! By donating, you will provide meals for malnourished children and more. There are always volunteer opportunities for you to participate. Join our cause, be part of our foundation, and find your way to help make a difference in the lives of the helpless. Come With Us and let’s be the change!

What inspires us

Help will always be needed everywhere
We also work to benefit the homeless in Richmond, Virginia. Your contribution can help finance the change we need for those forgotten by society.
A never-ending humanitarian crisis
For many years, Venezuela has been in the midst of a severe sociopolitical and economic crisis. People have been forced to flee their home, but there are millions who still need our help. They are our inspiration.
Knowing the future of the country is at risk
Children are the future of a country, and they don't know what basic services are. They can’t set goals to achieve. If you ask any of them what they would like to be when they grow up, the answer is “to have food on the table”.
There are organizations and people willing to help, but it is never enough!
We’re motivated to help our brothers and sisters in Venezuela. It is fascinating the fact that people join and express solidarity with the foundation. We dedicate our work to them as well.
Those who have seen our birth and growth…
Are suffering in the same country that they helped build. Unable to cover their basic needs, the elderly doesn’t have the calm lifestyle they dreamt of having in their last days. When everything is falling apart around them, they are still struggling to survive and help their families.

Stories and actions that inspire good intentions

Crisis in Venezuela

Four ways on how to help Venezuelan refugees in the U.S.

In this opportunity, we will share valuable information on how to help Venezuelan refugees in the U.S. through assistance programs, donations, volunteering, education and much more. It is a set


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Special Thanks to our Sponsors

Come With Me and let's be the change

We are the bridge between your willingness to help and the ones in need.