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Sponsor a child in Venezuela: Meet our donation programs

Taking actions to help the people in need, it will always be an act of goodwill. Today, you can sponsor a child in Venezuela through some activities that we will be describing in the following article. These activities can be found here.

Let’s start by knowing how to sponsor a child in Venezuela!

Programs to sponsor a child in Venezuela and the homeless people in the U.S.

We have different ways to donate and act that allow us to bring humanitarian aid not only for Venezuelans but also, for the homeless people in Richmond, Virginia:

– One-time donations

In our programs, we have the availability to receive any amount of donations. This helps us and adds a great value to our cause. The collection of these funds helps us finance for shipments containing all donations to Venezuela.

If you’re willing to support those kids, families and people without a home in the U.S. and Venezuela, click on this link and get involved!

– Monthly donations

In this program, you can make the difference. You can be part of our cause! Once you become a partner by donating a smaller amount monthly, you will provide meals for the children in street situations.

Besides, we will keep you updated about your contribution through detailed reports and events that allow you to participate in. You can be part of our big family, Ven Conmigo, just head to this link.

– Volunteering

You can enlist as a volunteer, or you can spread the word and let everybody know about our charity events. Your support is very important to make change happen.

Twice a month, we mobilize our volunteer team to make a real difference. Join us, so we can keep helping people in need and see what we can do together. Be in our team, be passionate and make change happen. Get involved, contact us and click here for further information.

– Other ways to donate

Other ways to support those experiencing homelessness is through donating medicines, medical and school supplies, clothes, non-perishable food products and sport equipment.

Your support is vital to help the children in need and the people experiencing homelessness in both countries, Venezuela and the U.S.

You can go to this link to find more information about how to contribute and get involved.


These are the reasons to be a member of Ven Conmigo 

  • You won’t be only helping with monetary contribution.
  • You’ll be an active member even without being present.
  • You’ll be updated about the impact of your donations in the U.S. and Venezuela.
  • You’ll be part of a supportive community.
  • You’ll be assisting our conferences with all our partners.
  • You’ll be hearing updates from people who received your donations in their own words.

We rely on clothing and food donations from the community

Food and clothes are an essential part of community justice. We receive donations from local businesses, and together we take action and fight hunger. Spread the word and help us to connect with other donors. 

We connect with other communities 

Our community is full of people willing to help. We work together to help other foundations supporting the neediest people in street situations. 

We are located at:

18520 Twisted Oak Ct, South Chesterfield 23834, Richmond – Virginia.

As you can see, supporting or sponsoring a child in Venezuela is easier than you thought. We are certain that you will make the difference with less than the cost of a small cup of coffee.

Come with me and make change happen!

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