In times of crisis, children suffer most. Your donation will help us to put a smile on their faces

How can you help?

You can help the people of this country with less than a small cup of coffee cost.

Donate once:

Small donations are worth more than what you may think. Your donation will provide a much-needed support for children, families and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’S) in Venezuela.

Become a partner:

You can make a bigger difference, by donating monthly. You’ll be kept informed on how your contribution is serving the Venezuelan community.

Become a volunteer:

Help us spread the love and support, and be part of our charity events. Your support is essential!

Other ways to donate:

You can contribute by donating medicine, medical and school supplies, non-perishable food, clothing, sporting goods/toys... Your support is vital and appreciated by the children and families in need.

Heart touching words stimulate us to do more

This is an elderly woman from the Portuguesa State in Venezuela. She shows her excitement and appreciation after receiving a food donation that included: rice, cornmeal, sugar, and coffee. These are her words: “Thank you, Mrs. Chalita from the Ven Conmigo Foundation, for this donation. I am so excited that I have no words. Thank you very much, God bless you, to continue helping others like me, who are in need. God bless you”.

Payment methods

Allied Medical Center in the USA

UVA is a Health Center includes a hospital, level I trauma center, nationally recognized cancer and heart centers and primary and specialty clinics throughout Central Virginia.
This Center is specialist in research and clinical trials because it stays at the leading edge of the treatments that offer.
UVA is ranked among the country’s top hospitals because its doctors, nurses, and caregivers make every effort to push the envelope of healthcare.

Allied Foundations in Venezuela

Your contribution matters

+ 90.000

Beneficiary families

+ 45

Allied foundations in Venezuela

+ 45.300

Medical supplies and medicines

+ 24

States in Venezuela have received aid

+ 5.000

Homeless people helped in Virginia, USA


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Stories and actions that inspire good intentions

Humanitarian Aid to Venezuela
What we do

Foundation History: Humanitarian Aid for Venezuela

Our foundation, Ven Conmigo, was born from the hand of Bella Wingfield, a Venezuelan woman who has been living in the United States for two decades. The goal was to create an organization that would bring humanitarian aid to Venezuela from the U.S. due to the economic, social and political

Crisis in Venezuela

Four ways on how to help Venezuelan refugees in the U.S.

In this opportunity, we will share valuable information on how to help Venezuelan refugees in the U.S. through assistance programs, donations, volunteering, education and much more. It is a set of tools, facilities and humanitarian assistance that have allowed us to provide support to immigrants from Venezuela and Latin America.