About Us

We are the bridge between your willingness to help and the ones in need.
Come With Me, let’s be the change!

We believe we can make a better world where each of us can live with dignity, basic services and needs as a fundamental human right!

About us

Venezuela is suffering an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. The lack of basic services, and a series of dreadful events, represent a critical threat to the health, safety, security, and wellbeing of all citizens. However, we are here to help. Thanks to your donations, we can provide immediate assistance along with a message of love, hope and a promise for a better tomorrow.

What we do

We are a fundraiser foundation. We gather material donations in the US. Likewise, we send medical supplies, educational support material, and non-perishable food to Venezuela. Working along with communities that show support to the cause, as well as other foundations based in Venezuela. Moreover, we give back to the homeless Richmond community by providing warm lunches, and clothing.

Be part of our cause

No amount is too small to give, and there is no small amount of good! By donating, you will provide meals for malnourished children and more. There are always volunteer opportunities for you to participate. Join our cause, be part of our foundation, and find your way to help make a difference in the lives of the helpless. Come With Us and let’s be the change!

Bella Wingfield
First Founder

Bella Wingfield was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She graduated in the Faculty of Architecture of the Central University of Venezuela. She lived in the state of Nueva Esparta for many years and fell in love with its geography and the people of Margarita.

In 2003, she migrated to the United States and from that moment on, she got involved in any activity that the Venezuelan diaspora organized in the State of Virginia, USA, to help the people who suffer daily the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

Between 2018 and 2019, Bella Wingfield’s idea arose to create Ven Conmigo Foundation as an NGO to help and do more for vulnerable Venezuelans inside and outside the country.


America DeLoach

America DeLoach

Director of Promotions and
Human Resource Management

Ana Chalita

President - Social Programs and Fundraising Promoter

Maribel Fridrich

Director Treasurer &
Inventory Control

Lissette MiroQuesada

Events Coordinator in
Washington, DC

Carolina Rinck

Programs Director / Fundraising Event Planner

Mariella Sicurella

Director of Educational Programs

Zulma Espinoza

Logistics Director

Miguel Chalita

Volunteering Director

Our purpose

As a charitable organization, we target our efforts to provide the most effective altruistic assistance, especially for the very young and the aged. Our members and volunteers provide the momentum that enables us to effect change. Using data driven models, we provide solutions that make a long-lasting difference.

These days we have been very busy, raising funds to be able to ship food & medicines to Venezuela.

Feel free to help us to meet these needs and do not hesitate to contact us.

Our History

Ven Conmigo was created in response to the unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Venezuela: (violation of human rights; lack of food, electricity, water, medical assistance & medicines, safety and security). As well as many asylum seekers and displaced people around the world who are fleeing violence, persecution and hunger in their home country in search of a better quality of life and safety abroad.

Our partners

Long-term changes wouldn’t be possible without the people who support us. Therefore, we’ve created a community involved in each action or decision we take to continue spreading the word around.

We’ve opened doors to some of our partners here in the US because we’re sure this will make a positive change.

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