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A country where people live from day to day...

Venezuela is going through an economic and political crisis which is severely affecting its people.

Shortages of basic supplies

Inside Venezuela, people are struggling to survive. Severe shortages of medicines, medical supplies, and food leave many Venezuelans unable to feed their families adequately or access essential healthcare. Due to scarce employment opportunities and the collapse of the Venezuelan monetary system, essential nutritional needs have driven the populace to scavenging food scraps from the trash and medical care has become unavailable.

Lack of basic services

Basic services such as water and electricity are not provided to tens of thousands of families, being the slum areas the most affected. Venezuela’s murder rate is skyrocketing. Human rights are violated every day. There is no safety. No life. No way out.

The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela has triggered the largest exodus in Latin America’s recent history.

This unbearable situation has reached extreme levels, leading to a mass exodus of refugees to neighboring countries. The massive exodus of Venezuelans fleeing repression and shortages represents the largest migration crisis of its kind in recent Latin American history. The large numbers of Venezuelans looking for a refugee status in other countries have created a complex humanitarian crisis, both in Venezuela and in the receiving countries, particularly Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, USA and Spain.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reported that more than 4 million of an estimated 32 million Venezuelans had fled their country since 2014. Many more not registered by authorities have also left.

Many Venezuelans in other countries remain in an irregular situation, which severely undermines their ability to obtain work permits, send their children to school, and access health care. This makes them vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

The biggest diaspora of children around the world

The Venezuelan migrant diaspora, many of whom are young children, is greater than the number of those who crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Europe in 2015. As we see and hear horrifying stories of children arriving in Colombia, Peru and across the Latin America region after harrowing journeys, sometimes all alone. The effects of malnutrition, disease and chronic stress sprawled across their innocent faces, it is clear that this is a true children’s emergency.

Statistics you should know about Venezuela

Childhood malnutrition

3.1 million people need immediate nutritional assistance, as well as 1.5 million underage children who live in deplorable conditions.

Deplorable health care system

Preventable diseases like measles, malaria, tuberculosis and diphtheria have re-emergence in the country. There are 3.1 million people who need immediate medical assistance, among which 1.3 million are children (13% of total population).

Lack of basic services

Around 4.5 million people need water supply and sanitation service, and 17% of the poorest don’t even have access to drinking water.

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