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A small contribution generates a big change: How can you help the homeless in the U.S.?

The United States is a very rich country compared to other nations. But, there is a problem: a high level of poverty and homeless people in the U.S. This social problem lies particularly in the youth living in a street situation. It is estimated that 1.7 million young people don’t have a shelter


Statistics of people living in poverty in the U.S.

General poverty rate

Since 2016, Poverty U.S estimates that more than 38.5 million people live in areas considered poor at different levels. These statistics show that 12.5% of the total population in the United States live in poor areas and a significant number of homeless are living on their own. 

Poverty gender-based rate

There is a gap in respect of gender equality and poverty. Between 2016 and 2020 poverty reached the following levels: On the one hand, 13.9% are men while 16.5% are women and on the other hand, 5.3% of poverty in the United States are couples without a home. 

Furthermore, it is estimated that the percentage of male single-parent households reached 13.1% as well as 26.7% female single-parent households. This percentage has risen to 21.0%, meaning that almost 4.1 million people are living in this situation.

Children poverty rate

It is believed that two out of ten children in the United States have lived in poverty since 2016. That is to say, 21.2% of the total children population in the country. In addition, between 2014 and 2015, the National Center on Family Homelessness published that at least 2.5 million children lived in street situations during the whole year.

Elder people poverty rate

According to official data from the Supplemental Poverty Measure in the U.S. The rate of elder people living in poverty from 2016 to 2020 is 9.3% and 14.5 %.


How can you help the homeless people living in extreme poverty in Richmond, Virginia?

In our non-profit foundation, we have helped the homeless people in Richmond in which 50 people have been benefited with food.  

We know there is still plenty to do, 50 is still a few people living in extreme poverty. Therefore, we have been focused on gathering more donations, so we can help many more.

Here are three ways to help the most needy:

1- Be part of our volunteer team 

We have a group of volunteers that are willing to help, take actions and gather material donations, plus, they help us spread the word around whenever we organize our charity events. You can contact us and be part of our team that every month carry out actions to help the homeless.

2- Become a partner of Ven Conmigo Foundation 

This is an initiative in which you can make the difference to support the homeless people with a plate of food. By donating the equivalent of a small cup of coffee monthly, you will be supporting those children and adults living in extreme poverty. If you want to know more details about it, head to his section Donate Monthly.

3- You can contribute by using “other ways to donate”

Donations are not only monetary but also: medicines, medical and school supplies, non-perishable food, clothing, sporting goods. Your support is vital to help the children and adults in need. If you’d like to know more information, go to Other ways to donate.

Come with me and make change happen!

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501c3 Nonprofit

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